Las Vegas Status Match Loop

This is information about getting higher statuses at Las Vegas casinos by using tier matching.  You get free perks and discounts and you don’t need to gamble.

The good news is that it’s free and you get about $350 in rewards off the bat, not including free parking and waived resort fees at some properties.  The bad news is that you have to be in Vegas to redeem.  The other bad news is that it ends on May 31, 2024, but other benefits still remain, like with Fontainbleau (Sept 2).

I signed up for the MGM credit card to start the loop.  If you don’t want to do that you’ll have to already have a higher status for at least one casino.  Or be a veteran; you get Pearl Status for free.



I signed up for the MGM credit card which got me Pearl Status.  Then I matched MGM Pearl to Fontainbleau Silver.  Then to Wynn Platinum.  Then to MGM Gold.  Then to Mirage/Hard Rock Icon.  Then to Sahara Iconic.  Then to Resorts World Monarch.  If you already have any of these cards or higher then you don’t need to sign up for a credit card.

In total I got about $250 in food and beverage (F&B) credits and a $100 spa credit.  I also get other benefits depending on the resort including free parking, waived resort fees, upgraded rooms, early check in, late check out, etc.

Status is temporary.  Some tiers expire after 30 days and some not until 2025.  To keep your status after that you have to gamble and spend.




Get the MGM Credit Card

  • Gives you automatic Pearl Status on approval
  • No annual fee
  • Can apply in person and receive the card immediately at the desk or arrive with card in hand
  • Veterans also get Pearl, no credit card needed

MGM Pearl

  • Free self-parking
  • Keep status for as long as you have the credit card
  • Link to website

Fontainbleau Silver

  • $100 F&B Credit
  • Free self-parking
  • Free valet parking (Sun-Thu)
  • Promo ends:  September 2, 2024
  • Status ends: End of year
  • Link to website

Wynn Platinum

  • $150 birthday month credit – If your birthday has already happened in 2024 then you miss out.
  • $100 spa credit
  • Promo ends:  May 31, 2024
  • Status ends: Jan 31, 2025
  • Link to website

MGM Gold

  • No credits
  • Free valet & self-parking
  • No resort fees
  • Promo Ends:  September 30, 2024
  • Status Ends: 90 days
  • Link to website

That’s the basic loop.  You want MGM Gold in the end.  See the FAQ about Caesars.  When I went to every casino I showed all of my rewards cards and they all said MGM Gold gave me the highest match.  If you want to know if a casino is status matching look up “(casino) rewards status matching” on Google.

Other matches:

Mirage / Hard Rock Icon






  • No credits
  • Free self and valet parking
  • Waived resort fees
  • Promo ends:  No date
  • Status ends: Mine expires 2/25
  • Link to website

Resorts World Monarch

  • No credits
  • Free self parking (already get that as a member)
  • Promo ends:  Open
  • Status Ends: End of the month you signed up in
  • Not worth much
  • Tip: If you’re already RW Monarch you can match to Fontainbleau Gold
  • Link to website

Sahara Iconic

  • No credits
  • Not much at all offered
  • Promo ends:  Open
  • Status Ends: Mine ends 3/31/2025
  • Link to website


How do I get Caesars properties?

Caesars wouldn’t do any matching for existing customers.  If you don’t mind the credit card route you can sign up for the Wyndham Rewards credit card ($95 annual fee) which gets you Diamond status at Caesars.  You can match from there just like MGM.

They ask for your driver’s license and phone number to do their search, not your email.  There’s probably a way around it but I don’t really go to Caesars anyway.

I'm already a member of X rewards. Can I still do this?

Yes.  It’s just matching the tier you have at one casino with another regardless of how you got it or how long you’ve had it.

Can I do multiple matches at the same casino?

Not with any of the above resorts.  They will do one match per customer one time only.

Can I do this online or over the phone?

No, must be in person.

What other perks are there?

At this status level a lot of casinos offer bet accelerators, early check in, late check out, lower online rates, free room upgrades, priority lines, show ticket discounts, etc.  There’s a lot.

When are rewards available?

Most people say quickly, like less than an hour.  I used my new status to get free parking on exit.

How long does it take to do all of this?

I’d budget 4-5 hours.  You have to go to 6 or 7 casinos in person.

What about Venetian/Palazzo?

They currently aren’t doing status matching, but sounds like they might have something planned for the future.

Why am I locked out of some freebies? It says I get it with my status.

Sometimes you’ll see a status guide and one reward has an asterisk saying something like “need X tier credits.”  That means you actually need to earn those perks through spending/gambling.  You can’t tier match your way to them.

Reward Desk Phone Numbers (May 2024)

MGM Resorts

  • General Line:  1-877-880-0880
  • Press 2 for VIP Awards Desk
  • Desk open 8 AM to midnight MST

Caesars Resorts

  • General Line: 1-877-716-4500
  • Will transfer to Rewards Desk
  • Stops taking calls at 1 PM MST
  • Desk open 8 AM to midnight (week) or 1 AM (weekend) MST

Wynn Resorts

  • Rewards Line:  1-702-770-3000
  • Press 2
  • Desk open 8 AM to midnight (week) or 1 AM (weekend) MST


  • General Line: 1-833-702-7070
  • Will transfer to Rewards Desk
  • Voicemail might pick up
  • Desk open 8 AM to midnight MST

The Mirage

  • Rewards Line:  1-702-791-7111
  • Press 0 for operator and ask for the Rewards Desk
  • No answer at Rewards Desk when I called
  • Operator was able to answer my question anyway
  • Desk open 8 AM to midnight MST

Resorts World

  • Rewards Line:  1-833-930-3888
  • Open 24 hours
  • Rewards transactions are handled by the cashier’s cage


  • General Line: 702-761-7000
  • Will transfer to Rewards Desk
  • Desk open 10 AM to 10 PM MST