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Find the best (cheapest) and worst (most expensive) times to travel to Las Vegas.

This site uses heatmaps.  Green columns are lower than average weekend prices and red columns are higher than average weekend prices.  Click on the heatmap, find the green columns, then book your trip for those times to save money.

Dates at the top are a Friday check in.  Median total prices are on the right (Friday + Saturday + Resort Fees + Taxes).  Expect to pay more or less than the average depending on the color.

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Las Vegas Pricing Guide

How significant are the price swings?

Very.  The difference is a red Encore at $2,095 vs a green Encore at $780 for the weekend.

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Smiling King Bear - Inside the Wynn Casino

Ranking the Resorts

See a breakdown of Strip hotels by price, from highest to lowest.  Which one is right for you?  Click on the picture to learn more.

Average Weekend Hotel Price

Monthly price average of a weekend room in Las Vegas.  I did not include F1 prices for November.  Expect that weekend to be exceptionally high.

Other Costs

Be sure to include the hotel price, taxes, resort fees, and airport transportation or parking to estimate the total cost of your trip.

Resort Fees

Airport Transportation

Casino Parking Fees

Price Tracking

Following the prices for major events in Las Vegas.

F1 Weekend

New Years Eve

Super Bowl 2024

Time vs Price

Does booking in advance save you a lot of money?  The answer is…not really.  There will always be exceptions but after tracking the weekend price of a stay for 41 straight days there wasn’t a huge price difference, and cheaper rooms were found 72 hours before the trip.  Click on the pic to see the full graph.

Bellagio Flower Conservatory

Bellagio’s conservatory does 4 different themes a year, one for each season.  Free to enter, located near the hotel lobby in front.

Other Las Vegas Photos